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Our Services

Dutch Live Communication Group invests a lot of value and time in long-term partnerships with internal and external future talents, market leading artists, music producers, booking agencies and entertainment venues in Europe and the United States.

We work with our own A&R managers who do the assessment on musical works. If the assessment process is permitting, the marketing process comes into picture. We discuss internal if the booking request is equivalent to the state of the music career, this doesn’t bring us useless requests.

Our services for artists:

Dutch Live Communication Group focusses on talent development for artists in electronic dance music in the Netherlands.
We represent, manage, advise careers to new actions and relationships for the artists in the Netherland and others countries.

Partnerships with your company?

Our Account Managers are always looking for new partnerships that effectively promote each other mutually. We invest in artists and tracks as our team knows that a potential track could be a hit.
interested? please contact us.